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Wow...hello, You look great.

Its been such a long time LJ...How are you?

 I never really had a big number of friends on this platform, just some high school friends and some other people that I added from around the country because they seemed interesting but I never met them or really even know them outside of this bubble. I guess that's why I shouldn't be surprised that most of them have de-friended me or deleted their accounts leaving me with just two followers...one of which was MY old account.

Still theres a spot for  LJ in my heart. It was so much more! Imagine, people writing about their day in paragraphs, what a concept huh!? Now its just quick photos on instagram and stupid short posts on LJ. Myspace killed you my friend, and I let it happen...I went along like a lemming. It really is like seeing an old friend on the street. It's akward, you dont know what to say, you notice changes...I had to hunt around just to find how to post again. Back in the day I would check in here every day after school, nay, several times a day, back when i worked at the bk lounge, back when I used MSN to get online. It's fun to remember but also depressing to see how this is just a shell of its former self...most of the people I follow havent updated in six years.

Oh me? I've been good. I haven't achieved everything in life that I wanted to achieve, but I'm also not a total failure so thats good.

Lately? Oh well I broke up with my partner of 7 years so that kind of sucks. I also got my motorcycle endorsement and got a scooter that i'm still scared shitless to ride. I started welding school too....hopefully that goes well.

Well I hope I remember to update a little more often for old times sake...until next time LJ, there will be a next time.

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